Rock n’ Roll and Hillbilly Soul

It is a roller coaster ride at one of The Hooten Hallers shows. Their take on music is to make it unexpected to the audience and for them to not know where the music is to turn next. The Hooten Haller’s tuns consist of a unique blend of modern rock n’ roll spiced up with blues, punk, country and the occasional gospel. The two members of the group are John Randall (guitar/vocals) and Andy Rehm (drums/vocals). The duo formed the group in 2006 in Columbia, MO. Their first gigs were located at house parties but then began to gain recognition which led them to play at some small festivals and led them on a few short tours. Rumor has it that Rehm still get nervous when playing, even after playing at shows across the nation, so he prefers to prefer to play in rural areas. The Hooten Hallers have released two full length studio albums, “We Have Friends” in 2008 and “The Epic Battle of Good and Evil” in 2009. There is so much power that comes from this group that crowds are often said to fall in love with the chilling rhythm and soul that Randall and Rehm take to the stage.

The Hooten Hallers will bring their unique blend of genres and high energy set to The Mill tomorrow, Friday, March 15th. The show will be 19 and over with a $6 admittance fee. Their performance is sure to be one that you will never forget so kick off your weekend right by stopping by The Mill tomorrow night!


About ldren91

Hello! I am a student at the University of Iowa and like most college students, I am not the type of person that enjoys digging into my pocket to pay for something to do. This site is a gateway for all you other cheapskates to seek out some of the best live music in the Iowa City area that is easy on the pockets. Ten dollars or less can either buy you a lousy time at bar or it can buy you a good time while enjoying genuine talent. Take your pick!

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