Soulful and Funky Local Band to Play for Mission Creek Festival

The funky soul band, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, comes from straight out of Iowa City, IA. The group was a side project of retro-rockers the Bent Scepters and originally formed in 1998. Dustin Connor (bassist), Doug Roberson (guitarist), and Jim Viner (drums) were all members of the Brent Scepters. They then added keyboardist Pat White. The last days of the Brent Scepters was in the year of 1999. The trio of Connor, Roberson, and Viner wanted to continue performing but under the name, the Diplomats of Solid Sound. Par White was replaced with Nate “Count” Basinger, though White occasionally guested on the band’s recordings. The groups first single, “Bullfrog Boogaloo,” was released in 2001, and they released their first album, Instrumental Action Soul, under their own label, Prescription Records. The prime garage rock label Estrus Records release the band’s second full-length release, Let’s Cool One, in 2002. Destination…Get Down! was their third album that was released in 2005 and was the first with new member David Basinger (alto/baritone sax). The Diplomats of Solid Sound has a few recordings featuring a group of women named the Diplomettes. These vocalists are Sarah Cram, Katherine Ruestow and Abbie Sawyer.

This show will be apart of the Mission Creek Festival, a week-long musical experience that takes over local venues in downtown Iowa City. The Diplomats of Solid Sound will play at The Mill tonight at 9 P.M. The tickets for the show are $10 in advance but will include seeing two other acts by The Miles Kean Project and Pressure Drop. Come on out tomorrow to show some local love to The Diplomats of Solid Sound!

Check out one of their tunes here, thanks to NPR radio.


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Hello! I am a student at the University of Iowa and like most college students, I am not the type of person that enjoys digging into my pocket to pay for something to do. This site is a gateway for all you other cheapskates to seek out some of the best live music in the Iowa City area that is easy on the pockets. Ten dollars or less can either buy you a lousy time at bar or it can buy you a good time while enjoying genuine talent. Take your pick!

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