The Best Things In Life Are Free: Mission Creek 2013

The Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, IA, is a week long festival that occurs every year. However, the amount of shows that are available can really take a toll on someone financially. There are some venues, such as retail stores Revival and Catherine’s, that provide free shows as a part of the Mission Creek Festival. The reason that they host these free events is because they believe it brings a sense of unity to the community and it allows people to experience a musician that they may have never heard of otherwise.


About ldren91

Hello! I am a student at the University of Iowa and like most college students, I am not the type of person that enjoys digging into my pocket to pay for something to do. This site is a gateway for all you other cheapskates to seek out some of the best live music in the Iowa City area that is easy on the pockets. Ten dollars or less can either buy you a lousy time at bar or it can buy you a good time while enjoying genuine talent. Take your pick!

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  1. Great video! Mission Creek is so unique and does a great job bringing the community together. I loved hearing the boutique owners’ perspectives of the festival.

  2. I love that you covered the free boutique shows that were hosted around town on the Saturday of festival week. It is definitely perfect idea for easy on the pockets entertainment. I didn’t get a chance to check out these shows so I’m glad I was able to listen to the owners talk about why they are involved.

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