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Canadian Rock Group to Tear Up Local Stage

Canadian rock band, White Lung, will bring their talent al the way from Vancouver, British Columbia, to the stage at Gabe’s in Iowa City. The group was formed around the year 2006 because Mish Way, White Lung’s lead vocalist, was not happy in the band she was playing with her boyfriend she had at the time. The other members of White Lung are Anne-Marie Vassilou (drums), Grady Mackintosh (bassist). The real quartet was not formed until 2009 when Kenny William replaced the original guitarist they had. The group originally consisted of all girls, much like their inspiration, Hole, a group from the 1990’s that shared similar sounds to White Lung. The name of the group, White Lung, came about because they believed that is what accurately described them as a group; disgusting. It is a disgusting disease term that is used when bakers inhale too much flour, gets packed in their lungs and makes them sick. They have sort of a feminist approach because they believe it is important that three-fourths of the group is dominated by women. White Lung has toured both all over North America and Europe. They have released two albums under the record company, Deranged Records. Their first album was entitled It’s the Evil and their second one was titled Sorry. Their second album achieved acclaim in magazines such as Spin, Pitchfork, Exclaim! and Rolling Stone.

White Lung will bring their feminist, punk sound to Gabe’s on Wednesday, April 3rd. The show starts at 10 P.M. and will be $10 to get in. Get over the mid-week hump by checking out this talented group from across the border!

(Video credit: pitchforktv)